Een groeiend collectief van kunstenaars

Building Conversation is ontstaan op initiatief van Lotte van den Berg en Daan ’t Sas en uitgegroeid tot een collectief van kunstenaars, filosofen, activisten en aanverwanten. Allen gefascineerd door wat er gebeurt als je samenkomt in gesprek. Hieronder een aantal van hen aan het woord.

Ligia Soares Building Conversations is one of the artistic projects I was taking part of that felt really urgent, really essential to our present days and practices and built from a very genuine urge of a beautiful team. Its simplicity and its transparency give room to one of the deepest and sophisticated experiences I’ve ever had together with other people, and that made me believe that relations and social interactions have much more to give then what we are usually expecting. – Ligia Soares is performer en theatermaker en woont in Lissabon.

Sodja Lotker Joining Building Conversation has changed the way I experience being with other people. I have realized that me and my thoughts and my being are much more open and stronger when connected to other people. I have exchanged ‘struggle’ and independence for ‘listening’ and gentle dependence. This has made my creativity and everyday life much richer and more complex as well as more ‘smooth’… simpler. Ultimately, I think it has enabled me to be more connected to reality. As a dramaturg one has to be a good listener, but through Building Conversation I realized what ‘listening’ really is. It is ‘being in the moment’, ‘being with others’ within perceiving one’s own identity being in constant change, state of ‘becoming’. I am addicted to ‘thinking together’ and I now try to do it all the time, whenever I am with people. – Sodja Lotker is een dramaturg en curator en woont in Praag.

Katja Dreyer To me Building Conversations is a commitment that you make with each other to be together within in different clearly defined formats. This commitment opens up space between people, in this space different ways of meeting happen. The different formats make you aware of where your comfort zone stops and  invite and provoke you to step out of your comfort zone, the different formats also protect you. Building Conversations invites to participate and is carried through mutual responsibilities. Everyone has got a voice, even in the format that functions without words. – Katja Dreyer is een performer en theatermaker en woont in Brussel.

Building Conversation wordt ontwikkeld en uitgevoerd door Peter Aers, Andreas Bachmair, Lotte van den Berg, Ewout Bomert, Katja Dreyer, Angelika Fink, Adelijn Huis, Floor van Leeuwen, Sodja Lotker, Dennis Molendijk, Jonathan Offereins, Zdravko Popovic, Bart van Rosmalen, Myriam Sahraoui, Daan ’t Sas, Ligia Soares, Iwona Soczewka, Marija Sujica, Justina Wielgus, Agata Wittchen-Barełkowska en anderen.

Gespreksbegeleider Floor van Leeuwen tijdens Building Conversation in Kortrijk