Cinéma Imaginaire in Italy

In 2015, Cinéma Imaginaire by Lotte van den Berg premiered; a performance made by spectators who are challenged to make an imaginary film that will only exist in their heads. An invitation to experience reality in an unusual way and to look for new perspectives. Suddenly, without anyone noticing, reality turns into fiction. Two years […]

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Conversation on the Future at Metropolis – Copenhagen

With Metropolis, we focus on the future. The impossible, uncertain future that is difficult to talk about. In this corona situation, many questions are asked about the way we have organised ourselves in society. For Metropolis, Building Conversation is a natural and necessary follow-up on the experiences from this summer’s 100-day walking project Wa(l)king Copenhagen, […]

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Building Conversation met Matchbox in Rhein-Neckar

Almost two years ago, Building Conversation was part of the Democracy Festival at Hambach Castle. Our democracy and Europe are still important issues, precisely because the world has changed so quickly since then. So the conversation continues! The international artists’ collective Building Conversation has been researching the ways in which we talk to each other […]

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Where Should We Begin

With both new and existing work, we contemplate the current reality in which we find ourselves and we think together about the steps we are taking now. We are developing performative conversations for the online environment and are already preparing for the time when we can meet in person, even if that means maintaining a 1.5 metre distance. How do we meet now, and then? And how do we reflect on what happened to us? 

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c: Maarten Tromp

Conversation Marathon Amsterdam

In April 2017, we started our four-year tour of Amsterdam with Building Conversation, with the aim of organizing conversations for people who do not naturally meet each other.

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In school

Building Conversation op School is een programma waarin leerlingen en docenten samen onderzoeken hoe ze met elkaar spreken en kunnen spreken. Recent onderzoek naar democratische kernwaarden onder jongeren toont aan dat een open discussieklimaat in de klas een belangrijke factor is voor het bevorderen van democratisch burgerschap.

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