Below an overview of all performative conversation of Building Conversations

Dying Together / Futures

DYING TOGETHER is a mental exercise in physical form in which performers, together with the audience, examine and disentangle situations involving collective dying. Over recent years the performance has been developed and staged in various places in Europe and turns its attention to contemporary situations in which large groups of people, animals and even ecosystems […] Lees meer

Washing Hands

Washing Hands is a ritual designed to bring physical contact back into the public space. An installation with a simple design, installed in the (semi-)public space. Passers-by and visitors – who may or may not know each other – can take place on each side of a transparent sheet surrounding a washbasin. Washing each other’s hands […] Lees meer

Digital Silence

Digital Silence is an online performance developed during the first Corona Lockdown in april 2020. Performed via zoom, by everybody who chooses to join. During the performance the participants play with their own presence and absence, in their rooms and on the web. Lees meer

Impossible Conversation on the Future

How do you talk about the future? How do you summon up images of things that don’t yet exist? By slowing down with each other and linking together personal views by writing, reading and talking together. Lees meer

Distant Thoughts

In Distant Thoughts you are invited to take a close look at the contact you enter into with people you don’t know. It is a telephone conversation for two people who do not know each other. Lees meer

Watching Pixels

On the illuminated screens of our telephones and computers we receive an abundance of images and we ourselves become images for others. How do we relate to these images and to each other? Lees meer

Conversation without words

What remains when words are left out? A conversation inspired by rituals of indigenous communities from all over the world, where people gather together without speaking a word. Lees meer

Agonistic Conversation

A conversation between opponents. Inspired by the theory and practice of Chantal Mouffe and Maori communities. Lees meer

Parliament of Things

Inspired by the theory of Bruno Latour and the rituals of the Aboriginals Lees meer

Thinking Together – an Experiment

Inspired by the theory of quantum physicist David Bohm Lees meer

Time Loop

A conversation about the dilemma's of today, seen from different perspectives in time. Lees meer

Impossible Conversation

Inspired by the practice of the Jesuits Lees meer

General Assembly

Inspired by the practice of the Occupy movement Lees meer

Building Conversation Oerol 2014 – fotografie Paulien Oltheten

Building Conversation Oerol 2014 – fotografie Paulien Oltheten

Building Conversation Oerol 2014 – fotografie Paulien Oltheten

Building Conversation Oerol 2014 – fotografie Paulien Oltheten